Let’s get to work and get paid. Getting work takes work. Here are some resources to help you get there.

General Tips


  • NC Works + Former Offender Initiative by the NC Department of Commerce helps job-seekers with criminal records to overcome barriers to employment. To find a career center go to NC Works Career Centers. You can search online job listings for Buncombe County or across the state.
  • Project ReEntry (make sure you click  on“Previously Incarcerated”) provides transition services up to 18 months before release and long-term services afterward, including job services and training through Goodwill.
    E-mail or call (336) 724-3625 ext. 1332 for more information.
  • Green Opportunities offers job training for everyone. There are multiple opportunities, including restaurant job skills training and construction, as well as general employment skills support. Check out some of the free classes offered in partnership with A-B Tech for qualified applicants.
  • Eliada School of Trade Arts — culinary job training with housing for people under 21 years old
  • — provides social learning programs to improve our lives
  • — free government service for employers to feel safe hiring us
  • Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a Federal tax credit available to employers for hiring people who face significant barriers to employment because of prior convictions.
  • NC Peer Support Specialist Program — Peer Support Specialists are living in recovery with mental illness and/or substance use disorders and provide support to others. They are certified by the State to provide support to others with mental health or substance use disorders.

Career Connections and/or NC Works Career Centers